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Fall Ball 2021

Dartmouth Little league Fall Ball  will start on Sunday Sept 5th  and end in October Cost is $55 per player and this includes a new T shirt  We have groups for ages 4 to 12 2 groups of T ball Junior T Ball     ages 4 and 5    this group will learn skills and drills with the end of each session a game each session will be 1 hr in length and run for 6 Sundays  Limited Spots Senior T Ball   ages  5 and 6  this group will start using the incredable ball, this group will also be using a T to hit and will do a skill or two each session and end each session with a game. This group will run for 6 weeks and each session is 1hr in length.  Limited Spots   Coach Pitch  ages 6 to 8   This group will hit  from a coach pitching and will have one or two skills taught each week and each session will be 11/2 each week. Depending on number of players this group could have one or two games each weekend.  Minors/ Majors ages 9 to 12  This group will use a hardball and once warmed up will just play games. Each session will be 11/2 in length and possible of one or two games each weekend.    REGISTRATION OPENS AUGUST 1st
Jul 25, 2021

Summer 2021

We offer programs for players ages 4 to 12   T Ball  ages 4 to 6   Birthdate between   January 2017 to December 2014 **players who are 6 and have a year of T ball can be moved up to coach pitch  Coach Pitch  ages 7 to 8   Birthdate between January 2014 to Decembber 2012  ** Players who have had 2 years of Coach pitch can be moved up to Minors / Majors Minors/ Majors Ages  9 to 12  Birthdate between  January 2012 to December 2008   Players who have never played before and are turning 9 can play Coach Pitch Junior All-star Team   this team will be made up of coach pitch kids and will play in some exhibition games and maybe a tournament or two. Minors/ Majors All- star Team  this team will be amde up of players in the minors/ majors division and will play exhibition games and  tournaments. 
Feb 17, 2021