2020 GIRLS BASEBALL/ Softball

We are looking for girls ages 7 to 12 to come play in our new league for girls. We are looking to have 3 or 4 teams of 12 players each, to learn and play baseball / Softball, coaches will teach the players all the skills of baseball for the first month then the kids will be playing games amongst themselves. Players or coaches will pitch during the games depending on the skill level.

Cost will be $ 230 this includes $30 of tickets to sell and you keep the money and 4 hours of indoor pre season training.

Any questions send an email to   Dartmouthlittleleague@gmail.com   

Player Supplied Equipment Glove, Cleats ( soccer or baseball or Sneakers, Batting Helmet (face mask is optional) Athletic Supporter

We supply the following Bases, Balls, Bats, Jerseys to be returned) Hats you keep and Pants you keep


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