2020 Kid/ Coach Pitch Tourna

Dartmouth Little league will be hosting a Kid/Coach pitch tournament on TBA weekend. Each team will be playing 3 Round Robin games and top teams will be advancing to the playoff round.

For pitching a player can pitch one inning in a game, if a player gets 3 balls on a batter, a coach comes and throws up to 3 pitches and the batter gets a hit or is out. If the batter fouls off the last pitch they are thrown another pitch. If a batter swings at 3 pitches they are out, does not matter if the player is pitching or the coach. once a coach finish’s pitching to a batter the player comes in and pitchers to the next batter.

Games will be 6 innings or 1hr and 45 minutes in length,

Only 4 runs per inning except the 6th inning which will either 3 outs or once through the batting order.

We are doing things to save on the cost of this tournament

  1. each team will provide a new ball for each RR game ( we supply balls for Playoff games)
  2. Each Team will provide an umpire, so two umpires for each game and home team supplies the umpire behind the pitcher. ( we will supply Umpires for playoff Games)
  3. Tournament will be played on Saturday and Sunday ( depending on the number of teams)
  4. NO leading off
  5. NO bunting
  6. No stealing
  7. if we are not allowed to have a catcher (due to Covid) a fourth outfielder will be used.
  8. All players on team will be in the batting order
  9. all players must play at least 2 innings on the infield
  10. NO Protests