depending on the age  T- Ball  ages 4-6 should have a glove, batting helmet, and a pair of snekers 

                                  Coach Pitch  ages 7-8  should have a glove, batting helmet a pair of sneakers and should have an athletic supporter 

                                  Minors/ Majors ages 9 to 12 should have a glove, batting helmet, a pair of sneakers or cleats

We supply baseball hat, bats, balls, shirt or Jersey, pants and other uniform apperal needed. 

How  long is the ball season ??

 We start either late May or early June and end Late August. 

How many times a week are the players on the field??

 Depending on the age  each group is on the field 2 times a week, with the older players they might be on 3 times a week or play a tournament in a weekend.

Can my player play up or down a division if they are new to ball ??

We have options for players to move up or diwn. if a player is new to teh sport and feels afraid to play in a division we can move them down  to build up their confidence, we can also move players up a division if they have the skills and coaches think they can haldle it.