JR ROOKIE DIVISION                                      Age

           2017  2017   2017   2017  2017   2017   2017 2017   2016  2016  2016  2016    5

          2016  2016   2016   2016  2016   2016   2016  2016  2015  2015   2015  2015    6

  We are going to try a new division this year for the ages  5 to 6 (who have played  one year of baseball ) 

This will keep the players playing with kids about the same age 

 This group will practice as teams for the start of the year then we may bring in a pitching machine so they learn to hit from a pitched ball

We are hoping that this will help players get used to hitting a ball that is pitched, we are looking to see if the machine makes the game faster as the pitch will always come down the middle, so less chance of getting hit by the ball and less pitches to throw 

we will always have a batting tee nearby 

Cost will be $150  and players will receive  tickets to sell 

Players will receive a T shirt, Hat, pants and helmet sticker to keep