T Ball For ages 4,5 and 6 (New To Baseball)


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This will be the first time most players have been on a team and having a coach. They will be learning the fundaminetals of baseball and they will be having fun while they are doing it. The players will be on the field once or twice a week. We will have two practices a week and the players can attend one or both sessions.

,  Players will get a jersey, hat, helmet sticker and pants to keep.

We will begin in mid to late May depending on the weather and end in Late August

  Cost is $115     and you will receive   tickets to sell 
Equipment  players should have  a glove, and a baseball batting helmet (we have a few to give away)   We have bats and balls for sessions. These players will use a sponge ball for safety.
We will have 2 groups of T Ballers   Group A  Sundays at 10am and Tuesday at 6pm   Group 2  Monday and Wednesday at 6pm  all sessions are one hour.   you can select the perferred group when registering.   A third group will be set up if these groups fill up  ( 25 players to each group)