As little league one of the objectives is to have a low registration fee for all players, so all kids can play, in keeping with this I have talked to other little leagues in Atlantic Canada to see how they do things and the one that comes up the most is their 50/50 programs. These clubs have been doing it for years and have a formula down pat, of course we are going to try and copy that, with a little different spin. 

     The players  will be selling $2.00  tickets.  Each player will receive 10 tickets to sell. the tickets will go into a draw for  $1500 cash       The player who sells the winning ticket will receive a $50 gift card. The draw will be  Sunday June 12th  about 12noon. 

   Players can get more tickets to sell and these tickets will be split  40% to the players bank and 60% to DLL    players can use their money to pay for future programs, swag  or cash out at the end of the season 

  to get more tickets send an email to