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Pitch, Hit and Run (FREE)

2021 FREE Pitch, Hit & Run Our Pitch. Hit and Run competition  will be held Sunday June 27th this year as an added bonus our winners in each division will receive a trophy  How the competition works: The players are put into 4 seperate age groups. The players in each age group compete against other and a winner is selected by points. The winner in each age group can go and compete at the next level  with the winner at that event going to the MLB all-star game weekend. Each player does 3 skills: they throw or PITCH a ball at a target 40 feet away, each ball hitting the target gets a point each player HITS of a Batting T they have 3 swings and the farest and straightest get points they RUN from second base to third ( touching third base) and then touch home,  they are timed The winners in our competition will have the chance to travel to Fairfield Maine U.S.A to compete in the Regional competition leading up to the MLB all star game. For Pitch Hit and Run the Competitors compete in four age groups: 7/8, 9/10, 11/12, 13/14. Age is determined as of July 17, 2020.   TO REGISTER CLICK HERE
Mar 1, 2021

Summer 2021

We offer programs for players ages 4 to 12   T Ball  ages 4 to 6   Birthdate between   January 2017 to December 2014 **players who are 6 and have a year of T ball can be moved up to coach pitch  Coach Pitch  ages 7 to 8   Birthdate between January 2014 to Decembber 2012  ** Players who have had 2 years of Coach pitch can be moved up to Minors / Majors Minors/ Majors Ages  9 to 12  Birthdate between  January 2012 to December 2008   Players who have never played before and are turning 9 can play Coach Pitch Junior All-star Team   this team will be made up of coach pitch kids and will play in some exhibition games and maybe a tournament or two. Minors/ Majors All- star Team  this team will be amde up of players in the minors/ majors division and will play exhibition games and  tournaments. 
Feb 17, 2021