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DLL     T BALL Hitting Days  5 a side    Bases   40ft   apart


Innings:  Five or Six Innings depending on Time   Faster the players hit the more at bats they get

3 Coachs  1st Coach   set player up at the Tee and places ball on the Tee

                       2nd Coach will stand on pitchers’ mound for players to throw ball to

                       3rd Coach  walks behind fielding team and sets them up for fielding and tells them where to                                                     throw  the ball.

Hitters:     Five per inning (fifth batter is "Last Out")  Batters will rotate each inning so everyone bats first and                       last.

 Batters   Hitter gets 6 swings to hit the ball  must run on first ball put in play. 

                    Helmets   can be worn in the field to speed up the game ( helmets are not mandtory) 

                    Bats  only player batting can be swinging a bat  all other bats must remain on the ground

Baserunners: once they make it to a base safely they must stop on each base until the next hit.

Base-stealing: None   Bunting None   Sliding none

Defensive Players:  Five (players must rotate positions every defensive inning; no player should play the                                              same position twice unless 6 innings played) 

Once players Field the ball they must throw to the coach on the mound for an out.

1B, 2B, SS, 3B, CF, no catcher (coach places ball on T)

Coach's Timeouts (60 second timeout for use as situational teaching tool)