T Ball


T Ball For ages 4,5 and 6 (if have not played before)

This will be the first time most players have been on a team and having a coach. They will be learning the fundaminetals of baseball and they will be having fun while they are doing it. The players will be on the field once or twice a week. We will have two practices a week and the players can attend one or both sessions.

We will be supplying pants to the players this year, that is the reason for the rise in registration Players will get a jersey, hat and pants to keep.

We will begin in mid to late May depending on the weather and end in Late August

  Cost is $125  and you will receive $25 in tickets that you can either sell or put your name on them and keep the money.
Equipment  players should have  a glove, and a baseball batting helmet (we have a few to sell)   We have bats and balls and the players will be receiving Shirts, hats and pants they keep..