Minors / Majors


              Minors/ Majors  Ages 9 to 12

The players for these divisions will be on the field up to 3 times a week, 1 game and at least two practice. The players in these divisions will be able to enter tournaments in their age division and there will be playoffs for these divsions. All players will be evaluated in the spring and placed on balanced teams in either Minor or Major.

We will begin in mid to late May depending on the weather and end in Late August

The players can be selected to a allstar team to represent Dartmouth Little League in tournaments, and in playdowns to represent Canada at the Little league World Series.

The players will receive a jersey (to be returned)  a Hat and a pair of Pants to keep.

The cost is $230  Yow will be given $30 in Tickets that you can either sell or just put your name on and you keep the money.