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Trying something new for 2021    Here is our first Newsletter about the  upcomong season and how we are procedding forward.

Everything we are planning is following the Covid Rules  so things can change.

We have trippled our numbers in T ball so we will be running it a diferent this year, 

                                       T ball       will be done in two groups this Year Junior T Ball and Senior T ball. 

     Junior T Ball will be for the younger ages 4 and 5  and will be lots of Skills, drills and Fun. They will be using the soft balls all year. 

     Senior T Ball will be ages 6 and 7 (who have not played before) and some players who are 5 if they played before

                          This group will start out using the soft balls and move up to the incredible balls and  learning more skills and positions and how to play games.

              Coach Pitch   Ages  some 6 but mostly 7 and 8 ( 9 year olds who have not played before)  

                   This age will start with the incredible balls and will move on to the hard balls     This group will learn positions and will play games with a coach pitching.  We almost  have enough players to have a three team league so we can play games as the season moves along. We will start teaching the older kids to pitch and play catcher as well.   Once we get to games we will have our older kids umpiring these games. These teams will have Jerseys to wear.

                                                          Minors/ Majors   Ages 9 to 12  

This group will be practicing alot at the start learning to pitch, catch and the rules of the game.  The players will be learnig to make plays  run bases listen to coaches.  This group will start playing games very fast and we have interest in holding a local tournament and teams from LL coming to play as well as going to a tournament or two.  We have new uniforms coming for this group

                                                          Coach / Volunteer                       

We are going to require more coaches and Volunteers so if you are interested  plese click on the link below  and fillin the form Provided. For the Criminal records check and child abuse register we have an account at My back check I cna send you if interested.

Coach/ Volunteer sign Up  


                                                              REGISTRATION TICKETS     

All players registered will receive tickets to sell  and you keep the money just turn in the tickets  click below to see how it works

info on Registration Ticktes     

                                                                 SUMMER CAMP       

We are looking at holding a 4 Day Summer Camp for information click the link below 

info on Summer Camp               


                                                                      FREE SPORTS GEAR   

We are starting a Free sports gear swap   this is something new to us and we are looking for gear for all sports , just no clothes

This can be passed around to anyone not just DLL 

Free Sports Gear   

                                                        Uniform Pick Up

           We are aslo planning a Uniform pick up day or days   once we are allowed, I will email players on when and where to attend  as we will be doing it in groups so there is not a croud.  

T Ball  players will receive the following  to keep 

Shirt, Pants, Hat, Shoulder Patch, Helmet sticker 

Coach Pitch/ Minors & Majors will receive 

Pants, Hat, Shoulder Patch, Helmet Sticker  Jersey ( Jersey must be returned at seasons end)  


 We are constructing a movable scoreboard  we have a set of numbers and some ideas how to do  it but not all ideas on how to  compleat the project. You can view the numbers and how they work on our Facebook Page. If yo uhave an idea send me an email.

You can also view the shirts and gear on our facebook page    it is Dartmouth little league    like and follow our page

We emailed some people about putting the players pictures and names on the roster on the team pages, we are not sure if we should or not, the emails we received back was split about 50/50  so we are working with the website people and trying to come up with a way so in order to see the kids pictures can be view only if you have a login code or account set up     still working on it 

With everyone locked down parents can still go out and play catch with your kids  just have them do this    balls thrown waist down  Pinkes together    balls thrown above the waist thumbs together. this is agreat drill and saves the face a lot