Pitch/ Hit/ Catching Sessions


We are doing some  Pitching, Hitting and Catching  sessions if people are interested 

We will be doing these at Maybank Complex ( above Mic Mac Mall)  we will be between the dirt field and teh crusher dust field

We will be doing them during the week and the weekends   Depending on the weather   You will receive an email each day saying if session is on or off.

We are limiting the number of kids in a session to 8    Cost is $5.00 per session payable at the session.


Sessions will be as follows

Wednesdays    6pm to 7pm  pitching

Thursday         6pm to 7pm  Hitting

Saturday         12noon to 1pm  Catching

Saturday          1pm to 2pm     Pitching

Sunday          12n to 1pm      Hitting

Sunday           1pm to 2pm    Catching

We will do as many sessions as we can until we get on the fields

to register click the link below  

Register for Pitching, Hitting, Catching Sessions