player/ coach/ parent Safety Summer 2020 Season

We at DLL take the players / Parents and Coaches safety very serious during this situation.

Once we see the fields are open for play we will be using some of the following safety actions and procedures.

For practices and games and any event all players must do the following

  1. wear their batting glove when on the field for fielding as well as batting
  2. we will have at each practice/ game a jug of water so players / Coaches can wash their hands when they wish.
  3. all players/ coaches/ parents will not do any shaking of hands or high fives. We are looking at a couple of safe options.( elbow bump or boogie bump not sure what this one is ) Kids still must have fun.
  4. during practices cones will be placed where players are to stand when not doing a drill or hitting
  5. during games players will sit on the bench at least a bat length apart from another, the rest of the players will stand behind assigned cones.
  6. Parents will only be allowed on the bench if no players are using them
  7. if you have something we should try send me an email
  8. Each team will have a set of game balls to use when they are on the field.
  9. Umpire will be behind the pitcher
  10. no Coaches are allowed to argue with the umpires or they wil be ejected.
  11. no sharing of equipment between players
  12. if team bats are used must be wiped down between hits.