Respect In Sport



Little League Canada has partnered with the Respect in Sport Program starting immediately. Leagues across Canada can head over to the Respect Group website and access their League to do training related to harassment and bullying.

“Its a big step in the right direction to eliminate poor behaviour from the game. Kids, umpires, coaches, fans, everyone is there to have fun, and a program like this helps eliminate those bad attitudes from the ball field.” says Mike Ostrom.

The Respect in Sport program is currently optional unless certain Leagues have mandated it. Little League Canada highly recommends that all coaches take this course. The cost is minimal, but should leagues want to take on that burden, Respect in Sport can create codes to allow this to happen. In a very user friendly format, the coaches can go through a course and apply it to an NCCP profile should they choose.

You will also notice Jamie Campbell of Sportsnet as the voice over in the opening video. Jamie is a past Little League player, and we could not be more thrilled that he was willing to help out.

If you are interested in setting up your league, head to and tell them you are with Little League Canada!

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