Travel Permit

Dartmouth Little League

Authority for Out of Town Travel

This form is required for teams who travel outside the city for tournaments or exhibition games. Outside the city means outside our immediately LL district, (Nova Scotia) Parents should return the completed form to team coordinator or coach. Both parents must sign this form.

DATE ____________________________

(month / day / year)

To Whom It May Concern:

This will confirm that my son/daughter _______________________________________, born on _________________________ (month / day / year), has permission to travel by air or ground transportation in Canada and the United States with the Dartmouth Little League _______________ (division / level) of which my son/daughter is a registered member, to compete in the _____________________________________ (name of tournament) in _________________(city), __________________(province/state), on _______________________date of tournament.

Departure Date _______________      Return Date____________

(print full name of parent or guardian         print full name of parent or guardian)

________________________________     _______________________________

(address of Parent or Guardian                      Address of Parent or Guardian)

________________________________      _____________________________                    

 (Parent or guardians Phone Number            Parent or guardians Phone Number)

_________________________________     ________________________________

(parent or guardians Email                                Parent or guardians’ email)

________________________________        ________________________________

(parent or Guardians signature                       parent or guardians’ signature)

________________________________        ________________________________

Approved by League President                                       Date

__________________________                        ______________________________

Team representatives should forward completed package of forms to league President.