Why Little League?


Why would we want to start a Little League program in Dartmouth and surrending areas. We have talked about it for years and we almost started a couple of years ago,but decided to contuine with DDMBA.

The players numbers are high in DDMBA and i stepped down from the Board after three years as President, as i thought this was a good time to do this.

What is the difference in Little League.

In little league the main differences are more developement  for players, the divisions are more based on skill, not age. The Birth year is Sept 1st to August 31th for divisions. The players are all evaluated at the start of the year and then the coaches do a draft for the league. This makes the teams more balanced for the season.

We can have allstar teams to compete in Atlantic Canada for the right to go to nationals

There are 4 Canadian Championships that we can enter teams into. The winners of these championships move to play in the International Championships in the USA.